In Foiled there are four actions: run, jump, dive, and swipe.

Except for when swiping or diving, you will always have your sword pointed forward.


 Tap the jump button to perform a short hop, hold the jump button to jump much higher

Press jump against a wall to wall jump (you can wall jump off  the same wall as many times as you want)


Press the dive button in the air to point your sword down and plunge straight to the ground


Press swipe to swing your sword in an upward arc to deflect attacks from above or kill your opponent

tutorial deflect UD.png
tutorial deflect LR.png

When swords collide they deflect away from one another

tutorial deflect DIAG.png

(this includes when foils hit each other at a 90-degree angle, such as diving onto a horizontal sword) 


tutorial hit.png

Touching your opponent with your sword will kill them, giving you their soul

tutorial portal.png

 Bring the soul to the goal before the timer runs out to get a point

Your opponent is now defending the goal, so watch out! 

3 points to a round.png

The first player to score three points wins a round


2 rounds to victory.png

The first player to win two rounds wins the game